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The Native peoples of what is now Idaho, particularly the Nez Perce, lived harmoniously with wildlife for many hundreds of years before any outsiders set foot there. Learn more about the Nez Perce here!

Students will be eager to learn about beavers with these lesson plans, crafts, activities, and more! 


Make Your Own Skydiving Beaver, grades K-5, cardstock beaver with (functional!) coffee-filter parachute. (Karin Thogersen, Huntley Area Public Library, Huntley, IL)

Beaver Catcher, grades 3-6, variation on the folded-paper “cootie catcher” or “fortune teller.” (Worth A Dam)

Beaver Crafts and Activities, grades PK-5, includes coloring pages and paper crafts. (DLTK’s Crafts for Kids) 

Beaver Ecology Lesson Plan, grades 2-8, includes “build-a-beaver” dress-up activity. (Upham Woods 4-H Environmental Education Center)

Beaver Ecology Newsletter, grades K-12, includes build- and-eat beaver dam activity. (EnviroKids’ Club, National Weather Service) 

Beaver Maze, grades K-3, printable maze activity. (

Beaver Puppet, grades K-5, paper-bag craft.  (Worth A Dam and Dugmore)

Beaver Science Curriculum, grades K-3, covers habits, habitat, stories, and beliefs about the beaver in Alaska. (Alaskan Native Knowledge Network) 

Junior Beaver Scientists, grades 3-5, group research activity. (Worth A Dam) 

Leave It to the Beavers, grades 6-12, covers beaver territories and scent markings, plus activity for identifying your own “territory.” (Glacier National Park) 

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